Fast and Efficient

Bundy.ph is designed to give you accurate results with minimal effort. With the integration of finger print scanner, you can easily record your employee time attendance in a second.


Easy to install and setup. Bundy.ph enables you to bring your time keeping wherever and whenever you want. You can bring your android phone and Jeonsoft Fingerprint Scanner to monitor attendance from the comfort of your office to remote areas in the Philippines.


Prevent any type of deceitful logging schemes such as buddy punching or time stealing. Bundy.PH integrates fingerprint recognition for more accurate and secure time readings.

We offer Bundy.PH in all Major Platforms

Choose a product according to your own preference. We have everything to suit your style.


Do you prefer to make your employees to time IN and OUT using their browsers? Then, our web bundy will surely suit your taste.


Having troubles with the internet speed? Don't worry coz we have the solution for you.
Try Bundy Desktop - a one stop attendance kiosk for your employees.


Want to try an android-based attendance kiosk? Connect a device in a plug and play setup and you are good to go.


Try Bundy iOS if you are the trendy type who never goes out of style. You'll never have to worry setting up your attendance with our plug and play device feature.

Why Bundy.PH?

Time In and Out Anytime, Anywhere

Bid your traditional timekeeping farewell because Bundy.PH has entered the premises! It's timekeeping on the palm of your hand. Bring your timeprocessing wherever and whenever you want using your mobile device. It is also available on desktop so you can personalize your experience.

Smart and Modern Process Design

Having troubles with your Internet? We got you covered. Bundy.PH enables you to record time logs without an active Internet connection. You can easily upload your logs into the server when you go online.

Accessible and Efficient

Authorized users can also view employees' timesheet by simply logging into their account for faster and more efficient attendance monitoring.

Why Bundy.PH?

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